Network, Server, & Workstation Migrations
Benefits of our proven approach include:
  • Quicker deployment
  • More reliable, consistent results
  • More cost-effective deployment
  • More supportable
    post-migration environment
    • Reduced operating expenses – up to 30%
    • Reduced application delivery time – from weeks to days
    • Improved service levels and customer satisfaction
    • Fewer Help Desk calls – by as much as 35%
    • Improved reliability
    • Minimized on-going support labor - resources focused on business critical efforts

At Leapfrog Technology Partners, our advantage is our people. Our certified professionals combine consulting experience with exceptional business skills, technical depth, and real-world experience. We understand the business of network systems management and its impact within your organization … and can help cut through the hype to achieve workable results.

Our automated, customized approach can help complete your migration quickly, reliably, consistently, and for minimum cost. What's more, we'll leave you with an environment that's more secure, more reliable, easier to manage, and easier to support after the migration is over. We utilize Combined Insight in forming and executing a comprehensive approach to Migrations: